False 9: The Curse of the Plague Doctor

In "False 9," young lovers, Jake and Ella, escape their urban existence to
immerse themselves in the tranquillity of a secluded cabin ensconced in the heart
of the woods. Their aspiration is to relish a peaceful retreat, away from their
bustling lives, rejuvenating their bond amid the quietude of nature.
Their idyllic vacation morphs into a horrifying ordeal when they inexplicably
awaken, strapped to chairs, facing a stranger garbed in the haunting attire of an
ancient plague doctor. The Plague Doctor, with his eerie presence, reveals that
they have been chosen not as victims, but as participants in a cryptic test of
honesty and love.
The rules of this sinister game, rooted in an old covenant that the Plague Doctor
is bound to enforce, dictate the couple to respond to a sequence of intimate and
probing questions. The fundamental rule: they must respond with absolute
truthfulness. The Plague Doctor's mask serves not only as a frightening symbol
but also as a lie detector, raising the stakes to a lethal level.
If they utter more than nine lies to each other during this trial or try to sidestep
any question, a dire consequence awaits - the release of a deadly, plague-
causing punishment. Conversely, honest answers could secure their freedom. As
such, their survival rests on the delicate balance of honesty, forcing them to
reveal hidden skeletons, confront deeply buried insecurities, and face
uncomfortable truths.
Throughout the narrative, Jake and Ella grapple with their dark pasts, fears, and
the reality of their relationship under the Plague Doctor's unrelenting gaze. This
unsettling scenario prompts a journey of introspection, personal revelation, and
emotional evolution.
"False 9" takes readers on a nerve-wracking exploration of the intricate nature of
relationships and the human mind's complexities. It asks readers to ponder how
much they are willing to reveal to safeguard their love and the ultimate price they
would pay for dishonesty.
The suspenseful narrative is visually complemented by compelling illustrations that
encapsulate the unsettling forest ambiance and the raw emotions of the
beleaguered couple.