Why Nigerian Celebrities Should Embrace Internet Publicity.

Social media no doubt has connected the world digitally with a staggering online community that keeps tab on every single move of any individual, company, business or organisation. Different vibes and content are shared online which proves to be an influence in marketing, brand establishment, individual or group popularity, personalising one’s brand and getting them the desired publicity and many more.

The social media is like a habit, when you stop, to start it again takes time. It is no new quote that “Out of sight is out of mind”. A lot of known celebrities who lost their media presence by being quiet on social media are struggling to come back and regain their fame. Why then are the ones who have the fame now not establishing their influence and boosting their media presence.
Nigerian celebrities are encouraged to garner internet publicity and not just be on the social media itself. Justin Bieber is the most talked about and followed celebrity on social media, he started with social media; YouTube specifically, as a child star. Today despite this fact, he still keeps aspiring relevance on social media.

Also, before social media, actors and artists had to move to a certain big city to get famous. Now, after social media, regular people can gain fame essentially from the comfort of their room. UsingBig Brother Naija as an example, the housemates all reached stardom due to the different promotions of people who managed their accounts. You can therefore see how important it is for one to have a good web presence.

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Undergraduate student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
2018 winner of scriptwriting in Anambra Talent Show.
Writer, model, stylist and content creator.