“Did you know that close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds?”

Suicide is a global phenomenon and it occurs daily. It is the intentional killing of oneself. Suicide killing was traced back to 434 BC through the story of an early Greek historian, Empedocles. He believed that death was a transformation, therefore he threw himself into the Sicilian volcano in Mount Etna. Other ancient legendaries like Ajax the Great, who killed himself in a Trojan war and Lucretia whose suicide around 510 B.C initiated the revolt that displaced the Roman kingdom with the Roman Republic. The view of suicide started changing during the Renaissance era. People who were scared of eternal damnation as constituted by the church as penalty for suicide committed crimes that it’s penalty would be death sentence.

However, in this 21st century, people no longer care about ‘damnation’. They intentionally kill themselves either by poisoning, hanging, fire arms, drug overdose or even through stabbing themselves. Each time, new strategies for committing suicide trend. It is sad that some suicide victims kill themselves over issues that can be easily resolved had they opened up to someone they trust.

Reasons for committing suicide are not particular. One thing still stands out, suicide is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the society. No one is spared. Adults and teenagers all commit suicide. Scientists prove that depression is the last stage to develop suicidal thoughts. In psychotherapy and psychiatry, depression is a period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks in an individual. Some things that can lead to depression include, lack of self love, lack of accomplishment in life, feeling worthless, lack of love and understanding among peers or people you care about, lack of happiness, dissatisfaction at how one’s life turned out to be and so many others. Anything can lead to that feeling of depression, if one isn’t on guard always, on the trail of their emotions. Other factors that can lead to one having suicidal thoughts include; sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, testing positive to a killer disease, cyber bullying, financial loss, loss of loved ones, relationship breakups and so many others.

The rate at which this suicide is committed is alarming. People no longer want to find things that make them happy. Just that slightest feeling of sadness, they are already having suicidal thoughts. A lot of individuals also trigger this in people through their response to a question or attitude towards the emotionally drained individual which can easily push them to committing suicide.

Love is the most important aspect in regulating the rate of suicide being committed. Parents should learn to shower their children with so much love. Correct them when something wrong has been done but then correct them with love. Teachers should learn to stop criticising the slow learners publicly, thereby killing their self confidence. The society at large should learn to stop bullying or believing unfounded news by fake blogs thereby indulging in hate speech. A lot of people are very emotional and go through a lot behind close doors.

Life is hard already. People should learn to be kind to one another and avoid talking down on anyone. Depression is real and a lot of individuals especially young adults are victims. The government should set up campaigns to help enlighten people better on the harmful aspect of suicide and how it affects people you leave behind.

Depressed individuals are advised to find things that make their life meaningful. If one can afford it, go on vacations, visit nice places, have wonderful meals, tell people you love that you love them, do things that excites you. One can also confide in someone they trust and discuss about their feelings and get the help they need. Change your circle of friends if they drain your energy. Most importantly, turn to your creator in this trying time. Everyone is special. No one is a mistake. Until you start making yourself happy, no one can really give you that happiness you deserve.

If you are contemplating suicide please contact a suicide prevention organisation close to you immediately for guidance.

Samaritans , NHS 🇬🇧

Great Commission movement of Nigeria 🇳🇬

National suicide prevention lifeline 🇺🇸

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