Is Social media good or bad for teenagers?

Social media has encompassed the globe and most things have been done with regards to the media. It has both the positive and negative aspect. Young people are more inclined to the use of social media like; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, dating sites and so many other forms of the media. It has emerged as the most important medium to pass an information greatly.

Additionally, the emergence of social media contributed greatly in the society. With regards to it’s impact to regular people and making them one of the most celebrated people all over the world. It is helpful to the adolescent through so many helpful topics discussed online. It is helpful in education and entertainment. Irrespective of its great benefits it comes with its disadvantages.

According to several research, experts say the use of social media has affected the teens intellectually, psychologically and emotionally. They’re growing with more anxiety and low self esteem. The rate at which it influences a person through bad behaviours, pornography and oppression is alarming. Some of the negative impacts include: Online Bullying,Low Self Esteem, Introvertedness, FOMO (fear of missing out), Mental Health Issues and many more.

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