Cyberbullying also known as online bullying is a form of harassment using electronic means. This bullying can occur through SMS, Text, social media and messaging apps or apps where people can view and share contents.

According to experts, the use of social media which is increasingly common, especially among the teenagers has affected them intellectually, psychologically and emotionally. They’re growing with more anxiety and low self esteem.

Majority of suicides are caused by cyber bullying. It leads to depression and withdrawal from people and social life. This factor not only affect teenagers. Adolescents and adults also share a part as victims.

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Most recorded cases of harmful cyber bullying include; Sexual remarks or posting nudes of individuals without their consent majorly to bully them, hurtful threats, posting rumours about individuals who are known, hate speech, stalking people’s activities and sharing embarrassing personal information and posting online to hurt or frustrate them and so many others.

As a result of constant cases of bullying, government of several countries all passed out law to discipline bullies and curtail the high rate. Children are advised to speak to parents, teachers or guardians if they notice any form of bullying in school or among their peers. Social media has also made it easier, you can now block and report an individual you think is harassing or bullying you online. If an individual tries all of the mentioned and the bully still doesn’t stop, then a report to the police is necessary.

Currently, there are 45 laws guiding cyber bullying in the United states 🇺🇲 Several states, including Florida, California and Missouri all have laws against cyber bullying. In Florida, the “Jeffrey Johnson Stand Up for All Students Act” prohibits bullying of any form. In Missouri, anyone who violently threatens someone over social media can be convicted with a Class A misdemeanour, but if the victim is seventeen years or younger, they can be convicted with a Class D felony. In England, if the victim has proof, the bully suffers but lack of proof had affected bullies to be disciplined properly. In the Unites Kingdom,🇬🇧 there are several organisations that assist cyber bullying victims like Bullying UK and NSPCC

Hopefully, many other countries who haven’t been able to state a law yet, are supporting school programs to help enlighten about this online hazard. With this method, it allows them take time to create cyber bullying laws while helping to protect the citizens as much as possible.

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