The secret to a successful life is in your daily routine.

The secret to a successful life is in your daily routine.

The secret to a successful life is in your daily routine.

Most people fail to understand this as a rudiment of life. Your daily routine is as important as clarity of vision and plans because your future depends on what you do today. Your daily actions are creating your future, for better or worse.
John Maxwell, a leadership expert said,
“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

A friend of mine while growing up together would always say “one stone at a time”. She would say that whenever we were coming back from school and came across a large puddle of water that had stones in it. I didn’t really understand why she would always take the baby steps when she could easily jump the puddle at once or twice but I followed her regardless.

Then, a friend of ours, a daring young boy of ten, joined us one evening after a heavy rain. We came across same puddle that we usually crossed on our way back home. The puddle got bigger and deeper too. The stones were not anywhere in sight. I was sad but curious to see how my friend would cross this puddle when the stones weren’t in sight. She looked back at me and shook her head smiling, she knew what was on my mind. The boy seeing how none of us was jumping the puddle to cross over laughed hard at how girly we were. I saw it wasn’t possible to jump such puddle at once, so I dared him. He said nothing but was ready to prove his strength. He jumped the puddle and never got his feet wet. Surprisingly, he got his body wet instead. He had jumped successfully but couldn’t keep his balance as he fell over his heels into the muddy puddle. I couldn’t resist laughing so hard. My friend comes up to where we stood apart from each other and dropped four big stones to my feet. Taking one stone at a time, she crossed the puddle urging me to use the remaining two stones to cross over just like she did. I did and we crossed successfully with only a dirty hand…lol.

However, the funny childhood experience had a lot of wisdom packed in it. Sometimes we laugh hard about it but it changed the view I had of life. Consistency mattered. My friend who believed in “one stone at a time” didn’t just start putting her hands in to locate the stones since she must’ve gotten used to where the stones where. She thought outside the box while applying the knowledge of what she already knew about. She knew that using two big stones was better and that even if it would take her time to cross the puddle, she will eventually cross it.

Unlike my daring friend who thought that everything was a matter of having the strength or the upper hand, it was at a point but was useless if one didn’t have a balance. He had no balance which was why his efforts became useless seeing him get drenched in the muddy water. For one to be completely successful at something, you need to learn, to master, be consistent in every aspect of your life. If you aren’t consistent, you will eventually fail or not do so well. Sometimes, it’s not about how much money you have and are willing to spend nor about how intelligent and smart you can be, sometimes being familiar with how something works is important.

Finally, the watcher (me). Most people are the watchers in life, we wait for things to come to us, we wait on people we should challenge or, for people to challenge us before we can actually start doing something for ourselves. I waited on my friend to think something up before we could cross and dared my other friend to cross so I could tell if it was possible. It might work out but we just leave ourselves dormant and passive without being active in anything.

Challenge yourself today, do something good and productive you have never done in a long time and keep at it. Don’t ever quit, trust me on how encouraged and happy you will be with yourself.


Undergraduate student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
2018 winner of scriptwriting in Anambra Talent Show.
Writer, model, stylist and content creator.